Let us guess, you're a mom or soon-to-be mom and you are desperate to move your body BUT

- you don't know where to start
- your current program isn't serving your mind or body
- your time is limited
- It's been years since you had a baby but you still feel very postpartum
- your trainer doesn't understand your pregnant mind or body 


Maybe your current program hurts, doesn't take into account your pelvic floor concerns, or doesn't work with your new normal

hey there

that's why we're here

We're sick of moms feeling left behind or investing in expensive programs that aim only to help moms "lose baby weight" or "get their body back".


If that's what you want, we want that for you but also, we want you to feel well, feel whole, have access to yoga, and meditation that "helps" with your emotional health, and be seen as a whole person- not just a flabby body that needs fixing. 

  • 29$
    Every month
     7 day free trial
  • Stronger for Two- pregnancy programming for every trimester

  • Building a Stronger Mom- early postpartum, core and pelvic floor retraining

  • Stronger in 10- movement during transitions and for the busiest of seasons (10-min movement and mindfulness sessions)

  • Her Strength Monthly- introductory and next-level strength building programming for the mama who's ready to up her game

This all-access monthly membership includes:
(links to individual programs)

Welcome to Her Strength