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Glute Guide

What is the Glute Guide?

This workbook of 10 Glute Finishers  was written in true 10 Minute Mama style: AMRAPS. They are fun, challenging, and will help you build a stronger more functional booty. Trust me, my booty was SORE for days after testing a few of these babies out.

Why mamas need glutes


The physical demands of motherhood could be compared to those of an athletic event. Mamas are moving CONSTANTLY; up, down, twist, hinge, lunge, squat... we never stop moving.


The glutes sit in the center on the back side of the body and are connected to the upper body, lower body and core. They are responsible for standing upright and stabilizing the trunk against forward folding movements, like bending over to pick up babies. The glutes are responsible for a variety of movements in sports such as running, throwing, jumping, and twisting. Maintaining and continuing to build and strengthen these muscles 
also vital when meeting

  • Informational guide explaining the anatomy and importance of the glutes

  • Ten (10) glute-focused AMRAPS that can be performed on your time in your space

  • Video demonstration and access to the Laurens for form technique



What you get:


'i thought i would keep these workouts in my back pocket for days when my toddler wouldn't let me get a "full workout" done, but instead the 10mm workouts have become my first choice because they are a full workout!"

- Julie