Foundation Sessions

(free with purchase of 10 minute mama original)

What are foundation sessions?

Foundations Sessions are 6-week habit-building sessions that will help you create strong foundations in movement, mindfulness and wellness. Our goal is to help you create the program you need with the time you have- you get to pick your workouts, your time, how often you move, and habits in nutrition and lifestyle that you want to make stronger. These sessions are FREE with the purchase of the 10 Minute Mama Original program.


We are here to help you achieve those changes.

6 weeks of accountability with weekly webinars and daily check ins

Written accountability guide to help you prep for the next 6 weeks

Weekly mindfulness/journaling prompts to help you determine goals, establish mindset, and identify any adjustments you might need to stay accountable

Choose how you want to move and how often and select your favorite workouts and yoga sessions 

Video demonstrations and live form and technique coaching

Choose your own additions— from nutrition to self care to fitness, these are extras that you specifically want to work on yourself!


'i thought i would keep these workouts in my back pocket for days when my toddler wouldn't let me get a "full workout" done, but instead the 10mm workouts have become my first choice because they are a full workout!"

- Julie


—  Name, Title





Create a strong foundation in movement, mindfulness, and other health-related variables


work with your coaches to create achievable and attainable goals that can be carried into the post session period


work around your available time and days to create AN enjoyable and ENGAGING ROUTIINE

Hey, we're the Laurens

We met in 2017 through Jessie Mundell's postnatal fitness specialist course and discovered that we're both incredibly passionate about helping other mamas find a "balance" between life and fitness... We met for the first time in person in March 2018. We're personal trainers, postnatal fitness specialists and hold several handfuls of other certifications that will help us, help you achieve YOUR best.

What you get