Let us guess, you're a mom and you're ready for more intensity... more movement... more... 

But perhaps, your current program isn't serving you. Because, even though it has been months or years since you had a baby, you still feel... POSTPARTUM.

Maybe your current program hurts, doesn't take into account your pelvic floor concerns, or doesn't work with your new normal.

That's why we're here, friend.

hi there, mama

motherhood is forever, and you should have a program that honors you through
EVERY transition.

Ready for more but don't know what more IS or how to progress

As though your current program is challenging but doesn't address your pelvic floor concerns

That programs you've tried in the past don't understand your time constraints as a mom

Exhausted, overwhelmed but in need of movement delivered in a clearly outlined plan

That you want a better postpartum experience and need help from TWO experienced professionals

Or, perhaps, you're not yet pregnant, but hoping to be, and want a program that is pelvic floor- informed

are you currently feeling:
Mainly, you're wondering how to step up your programming without overloading yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally
welcome to her strength
a monthly home-based program, for moms, that will help you level up without bottoming out

hey, we're the laurens

Her Strength was created because we were ready for more- more movement, more intensity, and more care for our pelvic floor concerns.

Together, we've experienced postpartum four times, each time gaining more understanding in just what a postpartum mind and body need to feel better during this season.

With each consecutive birth, we've grown as mothers and trainers- gaining more knowledge in both.

We hold an array of degrees and certifications and have been working with perinatal populations together, and apart for five years. We've helped dozens of pregnant and postpartum women gain the confidence and strength that they NEED and DESERVE.

That's why we're here.



Chats and educational lectures with professionals supporting perinatal health

  • Marriage and Family Therapists

  • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists

Additional video content addressing your biggest concerns during your motherhood

what do you get?


Three new resistance training sessions which can be adapted to your schedule and availability 

1 fast and effective metabolic conditioning circuit & 1 body weight circuit

Core and pelvic floor consideration guide to help you navigate increased intensity with pelvic floor concerns

Three (20-min) yoga sessions made for the hearts, minds and bodies of moms.

Two guided mindfulness session monthly

Exercise video demos & a conditioning circuit bank

Recipes and nutrition information, based on your stage of life and needs

Online member portal and access to the Lauren's daily via a private facebook group just for HER STRENGTH

her strength is for you if:

  • You're ready to increase your fitness intensity and have been consistently moving for at least 6 months 

  • You need a program that can help you work harder and smarter- addressing your pelvic floor concerns

  • You're busy, overwhelmed, or tired and you need an adaptable program to fit your busy schedule

  • You don't have access to a pelvic floor physical therapist but want tools for a successful strategy

  • You want to feel good in your body and you have pelvic floor dysfunctions like prolapse or incontinence

  • You're interested in yoga and/or mindfulness but don't have time to go to classes

Frequently Asked Questions


What Equipment Do I Need?

Most of the workouts will require some sort of external resistance- however, if you don't have this just yet, household objects such as water jugs or heavy tools can act as training equipment in a pinch.


How do I access the content?


The program is delivered entirely through our Her Strength online Portal with accompanying PDFs and links to accompanying video tutorials, yoga and meditation/mindfulness practices. You will receive access on June 1!


How much experience do I need with yoga and resistance training?


This program is designed with the intermediate or advanced mama in mind (6 months+ postpartum). The program comes with recommended regressions and adjustments that can be made to suit your body. Additionally, there are video tutorials of all movements and the yoga is a guided video.


Mindfulness? Meditation? I'm not sure I'm into that...


Yes, mama. We believe that mamas need to focus on much more than physical health. While yes, it can be hard to dive into, it is usually the missing piece to the puzzle, and most movement plans.  Taking time to detach from the world can seem immense but we're only asking you to take 1-5 minutes to become still and quiet to sit with the things you carry daily.


Will I be able to ask questions as I go along?


Yes. There is a Facebook group where we'll convene to answer questions and hopefully create a community of like-minded mamas who want to grow and work together.


Are these workouts going to make me sore?


Most mamas will experience some level of soreness with new workouts and several of the yoga flows. This is completely normal as, some of the movements may be entirely new to you. 

How is the program delivered?


Once you click purchase, you will receive a welcome email. Access to the portal and any accompanying downloads will be available June 1, 2020. Be sure to check your junk email folder.


If you have any questions about the product or experience technical difficulties, please email us at