Friday Freebie 9/3/2020

This is the first of many... a free workout for all of our loyal mama friends!

We love quick circuits that require minimal equipment and this is just that- so grab a set of moderate dumbbells, and a band or two and let's get moving.

Written instructions and notes can be found below the workouts.

Set a timer for however much time you have OR aim for 3-5 rounds

  1. renegade row with push up x 5

  2. squat with press x 10

  3. single leg hip thrust x 10

  4. hip thrust x 10

  5. hovering abduction x 20

  6. kneeling pull aparts x 12

  7. kneeling bicep curl x your call


1. Pelvic floor: If you're experiencing pelvic floor symptoms such as pain, uncomfortable pressure (in the pelvic, belly or pelvic floor), leaking of urine or fecal matter, prolapse symptoms or panic with any movement, please adjust your strategy or reach out to us for help (

2. Breathing: Try to exhale on the hardest part, or the exertion. This should help assist you in the management of symptoms from point 1.

3. Slow and steady: While the video is pretty fast paced, we'd love for you to slow down a bit and use a 2-2-2 tempo, a count of two down, 2 pause, 2 up- if you'd like to go even slower, rock on mama!

4. Drink water and break as needed: you get to decide how hard you work!

If you love these workouts and want more, join our free Facebook group HERE or check out our program page HERE.

Happy Friday, Friends

Lauren & Lauren

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