How Do I Do It?

We recently received an email from a client who was struggling with how she could get started using our programs.

"How are other moms doing this? How can I get a 10-15 minute workout in when my baby literally will not let me put them down?"

First of all, we know this exact feeling of overwhelm, mama. We know it can feel like we must be doing something wrong if everyone else is making it look easy. The truth? They're probably struggling too. They're probably feeling frustrated and spread thin. They might even be pushing through even though they haven't slept for more than a few hours a night. They're probably feeling exactly like you.

Some days, your baby won't let you put them down. Some days, your body will beg you to rest rather than push through once you've found a quiet moment. The success is in listening, mama. Even when it's not exactly what you wanted to hear that day.