How Do I Do It?

We recently received an email from a client who was struggling with how she could get started using our programs.

"How are other moms doing this? How can I get a 10-15 minute workout in when my baby literally will not let me put them down?"

First of all, we know this exact feeling of overwhelm, mama. We know it can feel like we must be doing something wrong if everyone else is making it look easy. The truth? They're probably struggling too. They're probably feeling frustrated and spread thin. They might even be pushing through even though they haven't slept for more than a few hours a night. They're probably feeling exactly like you.

Some days, your baby won't let you put them down. Some days, your body will beg you to rest rather than push through once you've found a quiet moment. The success is in listening, mama. Even when it's not exactly what you wanted to hear that day.

I once had a client who never missed a group class. Rain or shine, diaper blowout or not, she would show up ready for class with her baby. Some days though, she only did the warm-up. Some days she sat and nursed and burped her baby and chatted with the other mamas in class. And some days, her baby slept the entire class and she was able to get the whole workout in. No matter what though, even if she spent the majority of class rocking and shushing her baby between squats and lunges, she thanked me, said the class was great and that she would be back next week. I was always a little shocked when she thanked me because I felt like she hadn't gotten what she paid for. When I mentioned it to her one day after class, she said that just being out, doing something for herself, and spending time with others was enough for her.

This is why we always encourage our mamas to explore the entirety of our programs and take advantage of being able to connect with us, however, whenever they need it. This is also why we have a free Facebook group for mamas to come together and share when they need/want to!

On days when babe will not let you put him down, take a minute to settle into a mama meditation, like this one:

On days when babe needs to do a little tummy time, get a round or two in of whatever phase of Building a Stronger Mom you're working on. And on the days when you have an extra set of hands, don't hesitate to pass babe off, put on some noise-canceling headphones, or head outside for a few rounds of movement or a postpartum yoga session (try the free flow below).

This stage of motherhood can feel so messy. You might even wonder if you'll ever feel like yourself again. Sleep is a distant memory. But remember, that every little thing that you do for yourself during this stage, even if it still doesn't necessarily resemble how you moved or looked at exercise before you had your baby, all counts.

So, if you're struggling with trying to figure out how to fit your recovery and movement program into your life as a new mama, here are 3 tips just for you:

  1. Set a timer, even if its only 5 minutes to start. Those 5 minutes are yours and yours alone. Do what you can and when that timer goes off, give yourself a pat on the back and move on with your day. OR, if baby is still happily snoozing or playing, go for a little more time.

  2. Prioritize rest when you need to. Your body is healing, mama. You're not sleeping normally. You're working on autopilot. Some days, sitting is truly better for your body and mind. Honor that when you need to.

  3. You can always split up your workout throughout the day. Even if you have to press pause for a few hours, it is perfectly fine to get back to it later. When we let go of "all or nothing" something and anything is still a success even hours apart.

Curious about what an early postpartum movement session looks like? Here's a sample of what you might see in our postpartum program, Building a Stronger Mom:

And lastly, when in doubt, incorporate those babes into your movement sessions. Lookout for next weeks blog on the details!

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