Less Food Waste & More Yummy Meals with These Quick Tips

We've all been there... We plan the meals, we print out the recipes, we gather all of the ingredients from the store, carry them from the car in one trip because, #Strongmoms, we toss everything in the fridge as fast as we can, and quickly move on to the never-ending to do list for that day.

Then...as #momlife often predicts, life throughout the week gets busy. We are tired. The fresh produce we bought sits--kinda like that spinach you have shoved in the back of your fridge that you planned to pop into those smoothies you were supposed to make every morning, until you realized you don't even like smoothies for breakfast...By midweek, our recipes are cut in half because, who has time to peel and chop AND THEN cook the meal during a weeknight?

First, we want you to know that you are doing the very best you can. This season of life is busy and unpredictable. We see you. We hear you. We ARE you. This is why we aim to help clients understand the power of habit building in a way that is unique and individual to your own life.

By building simpler habits in the kitchen, like taking a few minutes to wash and chop your produce the day you buy it (described in this video here), you could potentially reduce the amount of food you toss at the end of the week, decrease prep time for meals, and increase the amount of delicious food you and your family consume! Lot's of wins here, with just a few simple steps.

So mama, next time you plan your meals for the week, be sure to pick a day to shop when you have just a tiny bit more time on the back end. First, brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee. Then take about 20-30 minutes to wash, chop, and store your produce for the week. Just this little bit of effort can help you feel more successful during the week and help you reduce the amount of unused food in your fridge.

Thanks for tuning in mama friends, be back soon! In the meantime, be sure to follow us on our instagram & pinterest for all things women's health, fitness, food, and momlife!

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