When Rest is Best

Recently, one of the topics we discussed during our Mom’s Night In ( our monthly live coaching call) was when we should take pause for rest and when is a good time to push through and challenge our bodies.

Although fitness has definitely adopted the mentality of pushing through pain and the phrase, “No Excuses” is thrown around A LOT, we pretty much think that’s bullshit and can be a lot more detrimental to your progress than beneficial.

Are there times when pushing through is totally acceptable? Absolutely! That's how strength is gained and progress is made. However, we feel that because of this commonly adopted mentality in fitness, we have been conditioned to ignore messages and signals that our bodies are telling us which can then lead to more issues down the road, to include burnout and injury.

Side note: the term "rest" is used loosely here, as we all know that our work is never done. "Resting" looks different to everyone, and although we are quite positive all of us mamas would love to rest by getting back in bed and taking a three hour nap, we just mean try to take it easy, kick your feet up if you can, drop the intensity of your workout, choose one of our restorative yoga flows, or head out for a walk or run if that's your jam!

Quick workouts for moms
Yoga for Moms

What are some signs that could indicate your body needs a bit of a break?

  1. Lack of sleep

  2. Nursing your baby around the clock

  3. Excessive stress

  4. Poor nutrition, as in not eating enough or eating well

  5. Illness

  6. Infection

  7. Pain or injury (anywhere)

  8. Pelvic floor symptoms: heaviness, leaking, pain, bulging, overall discomfort

  9. Difficult menstruation (lots more to come on this topic)

When is it ok to push it?

  1. When you need a change in pace. If the kids are wild, if work is tough, if you just can’t really kick a shitty mood, you have three awesome tools in the 10 Minute Mama to help you change the pace of the day. Throw some weights around, go for a walk, meditate, or choose a yoga practice to recenter. Endorphins can be uplifting and really help you out of a tough day.

  2. When things are starting to feel a lot easier. If your workouts are feeling less challenging, if you are feeling like you’ve got a little bit left in the tank, if you’re feeling STRONGER, then by all means, turn up that dial! Challenge yourself by increasing time, intensity, resistance, etc.

Bottom line mama, is that your body is really freaking smart. If you listen and know the signs to watch out for, your body will tell you when it needs a little bit more TLC and when it’s ready to really crush it. There is no shame in choosing to rest. We honor your excuses and we want to make sure you feel ok doing that too.


Quick workouts for moms
AMRAP: As Much Rest As Possible

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All the love mamas,

Lauren & Lauren

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