Why 10 Minutes of Movement is Enough.

Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Ten minutes. That's all we ask of our mamas. Ten minutes of yoga or AMRAPs. Just 10. It may not seem like a lot; that it can't possibly be effective, or that perhaps, it's a waste of time. But, we couldn't disagree more.

What can 10 minutes do?

We're often told that we need 30 minutes a day for exercise to be worth anything. Those principles (based on the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines) while ideal, might not take into account this period; a period where toddlers try to rule the roost and a plan can come unfolded in two shakes of a lambs tail. A period where a scheduled 40 minute trip to the gym turns into a 10 min drive in each direction and 20 minutes of trying to coerce a kiddo into the childcare. A period where you may be waking up 3-5 times a night and be running on fumes.

Ten minutes, while not the "idealized" length of a workout, can be everything to a mama who has repeatedly tried to fit in 30 minutes and, repeatedly failed.

Ten minutes can be a lifeline for the mama who feels like she just need a break but can't get away long enough to breathe.

It can mean creating habit, routine, a sense of normalcy, and a bit of "balance" to an otherwise unbalanced situation.

Ten minutes can mean feeling, looking, and acting "like yourself" again.

And, If it's between not moving at all and moving for 10 minutes, what are you going choose?

We're not promising the world.

But, we've been there. As fitness professionals, we've struggled between the guidelines and reality. Struggled to find that place where we feel like we're doing enough and also focusing on the things and people that really need

What we're promising, is to be here for you, moving with you and allowing you to figure out what works best for your body at this stage in life.

We're hoping to help you feel successful, to feel energized, and to get you moving; mind, body, and soul.

And we know (not hope) that 10 minutes can be the key to making this all happen.

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