hi, soon to be mama

Pregnancy is hard enough.

Are you ready to stop being confused by how to move your pregnant body?

Are you ready to feel happy, strong, fit, encouraged, confident and cared for ALL pregnancy long??

you deserve to have a pregnancy:

where your trainers understand your morning sickness and allow you to rest instead of push

where you feel encouraged about how much and how often you're moving 

where you're focused on feeling nourished instead of focused on how much "baby weight" you've gained

where your workouts fill you up and make you feel better rather than leaving you drained and in pain

and where your trainers REALLY want to prepare you for a good birth and postpartum experience 

you deserve to feel empowered, strong, and supported all pregnancy long

hey, we're the laurens

We created Stronger for Two because the abundance of prenatal fitness advice is a little lackluster and doesn't meet enough women EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE.

And, because we believe, you and your pregnancy deserve MORE.

We met...


by joining the Stronger Mom Collective's NEW Stronger for Two

Learn everything you need to know to have a vibrant, healthy pregnancy

Let us encourage you!

Let us lead you!

Let us take care of you!

what do you get?

Pregnancy core & floor and fitness guide explaining your pregnant body, core, and pelvic floor- detailing tactics for a empowered and healthy pregnancy and mind ($500 value)

Trimester-specific programming and mobility flows aimed at core & pelvic floor health and total body strengthening- complete with video demos. 

10 + guided pregnancy- specific yoga flows ($300 value)

Guided mindfulness sessions for every stage of pregnancy working towards birth prep. ($180)

Chats and educational lectures with professionals supporting perinatal health like registered dieticians, marriage and family therapists, doulas, and pelvic floor physical therapists! ($1000 value)

Additional video content addressing your biggest concerns during your postpartum period. ($300 value)

Online member portal and access to the Lauren's daily ($2000 value)

Have more questions?

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about our programs and what to expect. Of course, if you have more, please email us at: