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Our postpartum programs aide you in the goal of not doing postpartum perfectly, but rather doing it good enough for you, at that moment, with the time you have- they’re intended to help you build strength and resiliency through pragmatic approaches that leave you feeling better and not more spent. All programs offer a mix of resistance training, yoga flows, and mindfulness/meditation practices to target you, mama, mind body and soul-



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Stronger for Two, our NEW pregnancy program, helps you work through each trimester with confidence. Our goal is to empower you to have a healthy pregnancy while also allowing yourself grace and presence to enjoy what you can and rest when you need


Building a Stronger Mom, our early postpartum program, helps you build a strong foundation during early postpartum. We've covered everything from c-section recovery to eating to fuel those early days of motherhood.


Stronger in 10 is our signature program- short, effective movement (strength and yoga) and mindfulness sessions for when life gets hectic and you are in the busiest of seasons (under 10 minutes each). Each workout was carefully created to give you the most bang for your buck.


Her Strength (our newest offering) is a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP that offers more intensive (later postpartum) programming that helps you step up your game without needing to sub out.

ALL PROGRAMS included in all- inclusive membership $29.99/month
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